Additional Testimonials

  • After many years, I finally made the decision to straighten my teeth. Thanks to Dr. Tucker’s expertise and helpful friendly staff, this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. 

           – Rachel A.

  • Dr. Tucker’s careful bite realignment significantly decreased the occurrence of migraines. Coming from someone who once experienced weekly migraines, the process of bite realignment / adjustment has increased my quality of life, decreasing migraine occurrence to 2 or 3 times per year.          

          – Jenni W. 

  • I have gone for many years with lack of real sleep. I didn’t realize it until it became so bad. I was about to fall asleep standing up! Dr. Tucker was an unbelievable amount of help with my sleep apnea mouth piece. I was fitted for my piece and I now sleep very soundly. It is now very nice to be able to feel good and know that this mouth piece is doing it’s job, so I can get real sleep and feel great. 

           – Nancy P.

  • It’s quite obvious that Dr. Tucker has a passion for creating healthy, beautiful smiles when you’re in his chair. And, that passion is shared by his staff.

         -Demetrius L.

  • I chose to go with the Invisalign and I am ecstatic with my incredible results! Tucker Dentistry is the best!

           – Shannon S. 

  • I am very pleased with the results of using Invisalign. There has been a great improvement in my bite as well as healing of the muscles on my left jaw. I recommend this treatment for anyone with the same problems.

            -Ann R.

  • I have been a patient of Tucker Family Dentistry for over 20 years and have received excellent dental care. Dr.Tucker and his staff have always treated me in a friendly, courteous and professional manner. They utilize the most current available technology and what has impressed me above all else is the extra care to insure that procedures are done right and to the satisfaction of the patient.

            -John C.

  • I have been and am very pleased with the results of my Invislaign treatment. It was a no hassle event and you couldn’t even tell I was getting treatment, and My teeth look great!

          -Charles P.

  • Invisalign was easy and convenient. I was amazed at how quickly I saw results! Seeing the changes kept me motivated and excited to see the end results. I couldn’t be happier and recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to conventional braces. 

            -Amy C.

  • Conveniently located for my kids to get in and back to school. The products and services are modern and the hospitality is great!

           -David S.

  • Dr.Tucker and his team have been fantastic! I’ve been seeing them for over 2 years now and they’ve all been attentive to my needs and have done an excellent job of getting my dental health back on the right track. Thanks for everything!

           -Nathan C.

  • Dr.Tucker and his team have been the most fun and are the best in town.

            -Lloyd P.

  • I would recommend Dr.Tucker without hesitation for both general and cosmetic dentistry. He did a fantastic job putting 2 veneers on my front teeth, and he took special consideration to make sure I was completely satisfied. The staff will make you feel at ease, and I’ve never laughed quite so much in the dentist’s chair.

           -Kady B.

  • Dr.Tucker and his staff take the time to give a thorough exam and cleaning. The friendly staff is knowledgeable in new technologies available and when they will help the patient. They notified me that I grind my teeth when I sleep (something I never noticed). They then explained the problems this would have on my teeth, then offered an affordable solution to the problem. I’m glad I made the decision to allow Dr.Tucker and his staff to take care of my dental needs.

           -Tyler W.

  • I’ve been a patient of Dr.Tucker for many years and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a family dentist. He and all of his staff are friendly and well qualified.

          -Diann S.

  • I have seen many dentists over the years, but no one as concerned with my overall health as Dr.Tucker. His work is masterful. He is never in a hurry and always explains in detail why treatment is needed. Also, Donna is the best hygienist.

          -Sam L.

  • Dr. Tucker and his staff are very professional and very patient oriented. Dr. Tucker is always very caring about how he works with his patients to make sure that they receive the best care and that they feel comfortable with him. The staff is wonderful to work with, they  make sure that you are taken care of at your appointment time and will work with you if you need help understanding not only the procedure that you having during your appointment, but also help with insurance issue and financial questions. I would recommend this office to anyone and will continue to be a patient with no intention of changing dentist.     

          – Nancy K.

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