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Thank you to all who donated and helped us raise over $2,000.00. We had a great time for this great cause. 

2nd Annual Homewood Dentists’ Kickball Invitational 

Benefiting Open Hands Overflowing Hearts & Children’s Cancer Research


Congratulations Caroline Seier! Caroline was the winner of an iPad mini in our Invisalign contest from our Invisalign Friends and Family Event.


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Congratulations to Lee Mathews!

Lee is the winner of a $100 Visa gift card in our Team Colors contest. Thank you to everyone who participated. Look for our next contest coming soon!

  • Dr. Tucker has been our family’s dentist for many years. We have loved everyone’s care. My boys never complain about going to the dentist. Dr.Tucker is very generous and I am grateful for his community support as well as excellent care for our family of the years. 

            -Lee M.

Have you been thinking about straightening your smile? Do you think it is time for a change?

We can help you with that!

Your iTero scan and Invisalign Outcome Simulation will take only 20 minutes! You will see what your new smile might look like before you start treatment! And, with Propel Orthodontics’ coupled with Invisalign, we can finish your case more quickly than you might think.

Call today to schedule your simulation appointment!!



Six Month Smiles- web




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Dr. Marta

Welcome Dr. Marta Poczatek

Tucker Family Dentistry would like to welcome Dr. Marta Poczatek to our office in 2015 “Dr. Marta” will be delivering care in our office beginning with the New Year. Please welcome her to our office with your referrals of family and friends. As always, thanks for choosing Tucker Family Dentistry for your dental care.

“Dr. Marta” is a graduate of the UAB School of Medicine where she earned a PhD in cell biology.  In 2005 she followed her PhD with her Dental doctorate, also at UAB.  After graduation, she practiced dentistry near Logan Martin Lake in Pell City for 6 years and in Inverness for almost 3 years.  Recently, Dr. Marta decided to join Tucker Family Dentistry and its staff to establish her new Dental Practice home.

Dr. Marta lives in Birmingham with her husband and two sons.  During her free time her family enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and attending the various cultural events in and around Birmingham. 

She is available on Thursdays, and Fridays by appointment, to see both established and new patients.  As you know, Tucker Family Dentistry offers a full range of dental services including fillings, crowns, veneers, removable partial dentures, complete dentures, orthodontics, and periodontal treatment.  With our new increased availability we welcome you to invite your friends and family to give Tucker Family Dentistry and Dr. Marta a try.

When you are in our office please feel free to stop and say hello. I would love the opportunity to meet each of you.  

Dr. T’s Water Cooler

February 2015


So, let’s say you are the patient who has always wanted to straighten your teeth or improve your smile but, for whatever the reason, hesitated. Each time before your dental visit, you tell yourself okay, I’m ready to bite the bullet and tell my dentist    ” I’m ready “!

Now, as before, the reality is you have procrastinated so long that you would be finished with that improve smile by now, if you had proceeded when your dentist first suggested it. Don’t wait any longer!!

Let Tucker Family Dentistry show you how we can straighten, whiten or design a smile for you that will be all yours by spring break, graduation, As upcoming summertime wedding or that new job interview.

We have had a great response to the introduction of Six Month Smiles to our orthodontic service lineup. We would like to take an opportunity to show you how orthodontic treatment can improve not only your dental health but your overall health.

While you are in the office ask our staff to give you a complimentary orthodontic evaluation. Our new iTero digital scanner can show you in a matter of minutes your potential orthodontic result. We are sure you will be impressed!iTeroPlease call our office for more information. 205.822.6669

December 2014

Six Month Smiles- web

We have exciting news for you at Tucker Family Dentistry! 

Since 2005 Tucker Family Dentistry has been providing Invisalign clear aligners to help patients improve their smiles, boost their self-confidence, and enhance their ability to clean and maintain their teeth.  That’s where the healthy smile “rubber” meets the healthy you “road”.

We are excited to announce that Tucker Family Dentistry is now adding Six Month Smiles short-term orthodontics as another solution for you to straighten your teeth!  On average, in as little as six months, you can have the smile that you have always wanted.  That’s right, by the time of your next dental health checkup, your graduation, or your first job interview, you can have straighter teeth in less time, for less cost, than traditional comprehensive orthodontics.

 If you or someone you know is interested in straightening their teeth with either Six Month Smiles short-term orthodontics or with Invisalign clear aligners, now is the time to get started!


December 2014  Canker Sore Relief  (Tucker Family Dentistry, Birmingham, AL)

Do you suffer from mouth sores, commonly called cankers? Canker sore inflammation commonly arises from stress, illness, imbalances in the normal bacteria in your mouth, or as a result of injury. In dentistry, we call the canker sores “aphthous” ulcers. Unfortunately, some people suffer from chronic, major aphthous conditions. If you our someone you know suffers from these aggravating and painful ulcers, I have a few suggestions.

In about three minute, Tucker Family Dentistry can give immediate pain relief for canker sufferers without any shots and with permanent results. The Odyssey diode laser light desensitizes the irritated nerve endings in the tissue and helps the tissue accelerate its natural healing properties. After one quick treatment patients leave our office noticing a significant improvement in their comfort level and are amazed at how easily and quickly the pain is taken away. In most cases patients can just walk in, receive a treatment, and be back on their way in minutes. Treating the ulcer early, we find offers the best result. 

I’ve got other suggestions, too:

If you just can’t get to the office for the laser treatment, you might try a couple of over the counter products. Many of our patients have had success with Cèpacol yellow mouthwash and also with Rembrandt Canker Sore Relief toothpaste.

And, here is another suggestion that I bet you haven’t heard of…… In the November 2014 edition of Men’s Health Magazine, a short article mentions honey as an excellent, at home solution for canker sore treatment. Now, a lot of folks do not know that honey is one of nature’s antibiotics and before the days of modern antibiotics, honey was used as a wound dressing on the battlefields. The article mentions that in tests for canker sore relief, honey tends to perform better than prescription steroids or Orabase. Just dry the tissue slightly if possible, and apply with a Q-tip. Might even satisfy your sweet tooth in the process! Even better news! To top it all off, Tucker Family Dentistry not only has the laser treatment, we have my first harvest backyard honey available as well!

So, there you have it…Tucker Family Dentistry has the answer for your canker sore ailments; a quick Odyssey laser treatment and a jar of fresh honey and your back on schedule!

Give Tucker Family Dentistry a call the next time you first notice a canker showing up……You might be feeling better more quickly than you think!

Perron Tucker D.M.D.


October 2014

Perhaps, if you have driven by our office lately, you have noticed there is a “Mouth Detailed?” banner on the front of the office. Now, granted I’m not going to take credit for the whole concept, but I will take credit for an explanation. Quite obviously the banner plays on the “Got Milk?” ads with which most folks are familiar. The “Mouth Detailed” analogy, however, stems from a conversation with one of our good patients and local businessman, David S. At a recent visit, we were discussing the idea of the historically mundane dental “cleaning” with which everyone is sooooooo familiar, and decided that things would be more interesting if we change the concept to a teeth “detailing” instead of it being “just a cleaning”. What a novel idea! Thanks, Dave! So, think about it. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the idea of getting their car detailed, or motorcycle detailed, or coming home to a clean house where every inch and corner is clean to the finest detail.

Artwork, landscaping……. it’s all in the details. So let’s take this idea of detailing to your mouth as things couldn’t be more true there. When you come to the dental office and have your teeth “cleaned”, we call that a “prophylaxis”. Prophylaxis in medicine means “prevention” or “to prevent”. We want the concept of prevention to carry over to all of our patients in all aspects of their detailing visit. It not “just a cleaning” and here’s why: Your regular 6 month (or more frequently if you have gum disease) “detailing” is for the purpose of improving your oral health and “prophylax” oral and systemic disease. In the long run, it’s the least expensive and time consuming thing we can do for our patients!

Just as with detailing your car to remove surface grime and the road buildup which occurs from daily use, “detailing” your teeth removes deposits that cannot be removed just by daily flossing and brushing. Leaving those deposits (you may have heard them called “tartar” or “calculus” buildup) on your teeth not only prevents you from cleaning well, but also compromises your health. Let me explain. Gum disease, what we call periodontal disease, can affect your heart, your blood vessels, your kidneys, your liver, or any of the small blood vessels in your body. Studies have shown bacteria from the mouth to be present in the plaque which lines the small vessels of the heart, and on the heart valves of people who have heart disease. Maybe you have heard of people who have to take antibiotics for their dental visits after having heart valve replacement, a heart stent placed, or various other reasons like a knee or hip replacement? The antibiotics are to stop bacteria in your bloodstream from attaching to these structures. There is only one way for these mouth bacteria to get in your bloodstream……through your gums! Naturally, your body does not want to have the bacteria in your bloodstream. Having a healthy mouth ensures that your body does not get invaded! Think about this: if your body is constantly trying to fight gum disease in your mouth, it is working overtime around your teeth while it could fight disease in the rest of your body? Maybe your body defenses could repair your lungs or your liver from everyday damage? Perhaps repair skin cells from sun damage? Maybe even prevent a cancer cell from growing?

With a regular “Mouth Detailing” by your dental hygienist and daily flossing and brushing, periodontal/gum disease is manageable just like diabetes or heart disease. Here is the nutshell to take to your next “detailing”. Regularly detailing of your teeth not only makes your mouth feel clean and your teeth feel smooth and polished, but it also makes your body run better! So, the next time you’re at your dentist tell your dental hygienist you want the works!

Tucker Family Dentistry is located in Vestavia Hills, Alabama and we like to place an emphasis on educating our patients about how their oral health affects their overall health. Our saying is “A Healthy Smile for a Healthy You” and we stand by that. If you are looking for dental care for you or your family or have dental questions, please feel free to call us.